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SpringSource Acquires GemStone Systems

Thursday, May 06, 2010 13:34 PDT

SpringSource Acquires GemStone

From the President of GemStone Systems, Richard Lamb

Today we are delighted to announce that GemStone has entered into a definitive agreement to be purchased by VMware, the global leader in virtualization solutions, from the desktop through the data center to the cloud. This GemStone acquisition, combined with VMWare’s acquisition of SpringSource last year and recent news around RabbitMQ (cloud messaging system) and Redis (cloud NoSQL database), highlights the critical role applicaton and data virtualizaton plays within VMWare’s strategy. After this acquisition, Gemstone will be operated as a part of the SpringSource division of VMware.

Let us first assure you that this announcement will not change at all the relationship that you have with GemStone. We know all of you have come to expect and depend on the quality of software and support on which we have built our reputation over the years. Both will continue as will our commitment to our product roadmaps and all of our existing sales, support services and professional services.

The future however will raise that bar and together with VMware and SpringSource, we will deliver a new generation of integration synergies tailored to meet the demands for an elastic, highly scalable, and geographically distributed architecture enabled on either private or public cloud.

Most of you know our long history and the continuous focus we have had on solving difficult data management problems. Those of you who are our GemStone/S users have certainly come to appreciate our ongoing commitment to that technology and the engineering team that has supported it over the years. We will move forward into this merger with an unabated commitment to that team and the technology.

10 years ago we set ourselves to the goal of building GemFire, the world’s best, most complete, enterprise-ready distributed data management platform. In so doing, we decided to target the most discerning customers with arguably the biggest data management challenges on the planet. Today, we take great pride in having proven ourselves to those customers who successfully deploy hundreds of mission-critical, ‘bet the business’ system on our GemFire technology.

Rest assured that as we enter into the relationship with the VMware/SpringSource team, we have found an alignment with our vision with a company that highly values our focus and continued commitment to building great technology and the commitment to long term customer success.

Many of you have been customers of GemStone for years and even decades and we want to personally thank you for your business and your loyalty. We look forward to carrying forward our relationship into this new and much larger context.

To see more detail on the potential technology synergies of the SpringSource/GemStone acquisition, please visit the blog of our Chief Architect, Jags Ramnarayan