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Packages that use AuthenticationFailedException Provides an API for plugging in authentication and authorization for members of a distributed system and clients. 

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Methods in that throw AuthenticationFailedException
 Principal Authenticator.authenticate(Properties props, DistributedMember member)
          Verify the credentials provided in the properties for the client/peer as specified in member ID and returns the principal associated with the client/peer.
 Properties AuthInitialize.getCredentials(Properties securityProps, DistributedMember server, boolean isPeer)
          Initialize with the given set of security properties and return the credentials for the peer/client as properties.
 void AuthInitialize.init(LogWriter systemLogger, LogWriter securityLogger)
          Initialize the callback for a client/peer.
 void Authenticator.init(Properties securityProps, LogWriter systemLogger, LogWriter securityLogger)
          Initialize the callback for a client/peer.


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