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com.gemstone.gemfire.cache Provides an implementation of distributed object caching that can leverage GemFire's distribution capabilities. 

Uses of StatisticsDisabledException in com.gemstone.gemfire.cache

Methods in com.gemstone.gemfire.cache that throw StatisticsDisabledException
 long CacheStatistics.getHitCount()
          Returns the number of hits for this region or entry.
 float CacheStatistics.getHitRatio()
          Return the hit ratio, a convenience method defined as the ratio of hits to the number of calls to Region.get.
 long CacheStatistics.getLastAccessedTime()
          For an entry, returns the last time it was accessed via Region.get; for a region, the last time any of its entries or the entries of its subregions were accessed with Region.get.
 long CacheStatistics.getMissCount()
          Returns the number of times that Region.get on the region or the entry was called and there was no value found locally.
 CacheStatistics Region.getStatistics()
          Returns the CacheStatistics for this region.
 void CacheStatistics.resetCounts()
          Reset the missCount and hitCount to zero for this entry.


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