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Packages that use DiskStore
com.gemstone.gemfire.cache Provides an implementation of distributed object caching that can leverage GemFire's distribution capabilities. 

Uses of DiskStore in com.gemstone.gemfire.cache

Methods in com.gemstone.gemfire.cache that return DiskStore
 DiskStore DiskStoreFactory.create(String name)
          Create a new disk store or find an existing one.
 DiskStore GemFireCache.findDiskStore(String name)
          Returns the DiskStore by name or null if no disk store is found.

Constructors in com.gemstone.gemfire.cache with parameters of type DiskStore
DiskAccessException(String msg, DiskStore ds)
          Constructs a new DiskAccessException with a message string.
DiskAccessException(String msg, Throwable cause, DiskStore ds)
          Constructs a new DiskAccessException with a message string and a cause.


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