Data Regions

Data Regions
A GemFire data region is a logical grouping within a cache for a single data set. You can define any number of regions within your cache. Each region has its own configurable settings governing such things as the data storage model, local data storage and management, data event distribution, and data persistence.
This topic covers the basics of GemFire data region management, including your general options for region configuration and how to create and remove regions from your cache. It also includes the full listing of region attributes settings.
Each of the main region configuration types has its own specific options and features for configuration and management. For detailed information on those, see Configuration and Management by Region Type.
All region types use the same configuration and management of features like disk persistence, eviction and expiration, event handling, data loading from an outside data source, and memory management. For detailed information on these common features, see General Region Management Options.

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