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Java Resources

For more information about Java, visit the Sun Developer Network website. It includes a wealth of information about Java, including a frequently asked questions compilation and a collection of white papers, tutorials, and technical documentation

GemFire Technical Support

GemStone provides several sources for product information and support. The product's pdf documentation and the GemFire Management Console online help provide extensive documentation, and should always be your first source of information. GemStone Technical Support engineers will refer you to these documents when applicable. However, you may need to contact Technical Support for the following reasons:

Questions concerning product availability, pricing, keyfiles, or future features should be directed to your GemStone account manager.

When contacting GemStone Technical Support, please be prepared to provide the following information:

Your GemStone support agreement may identify specific individuals who are responsible for submitting all support requests to GemStone. If so, please submit your information through those individuals. All responses will be sent to authorized contacts only.

For non-emergency requests, you should contact Technical Support by web form, email, or facsimile. You will receive confirmation of your request, and a request assignment number for tracking. Replies will be sent by email whenever possible, regardless of how they were received.

World Wide Web: http://support.gemstone.com

This is the preferred method of contact. The Help Request link is at the top right corner of the home page--please use this to submit help requests. This form requires an account, but registration is free of charge. To get an account, just complete the Registration Form, found in the same location. You'll be able to access the site as soon as you submit the web form.

Email: support@gemstone.com

Please do not send files larger than 100K (for example, core dumps) to this address. A special address for large files will be provided as appropriate.

Facsimile: (503) 629-8556

When you send a fax to Technical Support, you should also leave a voicemail message to make sure your fax will be picked up as soon as possible.

Telephone: (800) 243-4772 or (503) 533-3503

We recommend you use telephone contact only for more serious requests that require immediate evaluation, such as a production system that is non-operational.

Emergency requests are handled by the first available engineer. If you are reporting an emergency and you receive a recorded message, do not use the voicemail option. Transfer your call to the operator, who will take a message and immediately contact an engineer.

Non-emergency requests received by telephone are placed in the normal support queue for evaluation and response.