GemFire 6.0.1

Class OperationContext

  extended by com.gemstone.gemfire.cache.operations.OperationContext
Direct Known Subclasses:
ExecuteFunctionOperationContext, InterestOperationContext, KeyOperationContext, KeySetOperationContext, PutAllOperationContext, QueryOperationContext, RegionCreateOperationContext, RegionOperationContext

public abstract class OperationContext
extends Object

Encapsulates a cache operation and the data associated with it for both the pre-operation and post-operation cases. Implementations for specific operations will extend this with the specifics as required e.g. a getKey() method for a GET operation. Implementations for all the cache operations that require authorization are provided. Implementations of this interface are not expected to be thread-safe.


Nested Class Summary
static class OperationContext.OperationCode
          Enumeration for various cache operations.
Constructor Summary
Method Summary
abstract  OperationContext.OperationCode getOperationCode()
          Return the operation code associated with the OperationContext object.
 boolean isClientUpdate(OperationContext context)
          True if the context is created before sending the updates to a client.
abstract  boolean isPostOperation()
          True if the context is for post-operation.
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Constructor Detail


public OperationContext()
Method Detail


public abstract OperationContext.OperationCode getOperationCode()
Return the operation code associated with the OperationContext object.


public abstract boolean isPostOperation()
True if the context is for post-operation. The OperationContext interface encapsulates the data both before the operation is performed and after the operation is complete. For example, for a query operation the Query object as well as the list of region names referenced by the query would be part of the context object in the pre-processing stage. In the post-processing stage the context object shall contain results of the query.


public boolean isClientUpdate(OperationContext context)
True if the context is created before sending the updates to a client.

GemFire 6.0.1

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