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Class ExecuteFunctionOperationContext

  extended by com.gemstone.gemfire.cache.operations.OperationContext
      extended by com.gemstone.gemfire.cache.operations.ExecuteFunctionOperationContext

public class ExecuteFunctionOperationContext
extends OperationContext

Nested Class Summary
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Constructor Summary
ExecuteFunctionOperationContext(String functionName)
Method Summary
 String getFunctionName()
 OperationContext.OperationCode getOperationCode()
          Return the operation code associated with the OperationContext object.
 boolean isPostOperation()
          True if the context is for post-operation.
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Constructor Detail


public ExecuteFunctionOperationContext(String functionName)
Method Detail


public OperationContext.OperationCode getOperationCode()
Description copied from class: OperationContext
Return the operation code associated with the OperationContext object.

Specified by:
getOperationCode in class OperationContext


public boolean isPostOperation()
Description copied from class: OperationContext
True if the context is for post-operation. The OperationContext interface encapsulates the data both before the operation is performed and after the operation is complete. For example, for a query operation the Query object as well as the list of region names referenced by the query would be part of the context object in the pre-processing stage. In the post-processing stage the context object shall contain results of the query.

Specified by:
isPostOperation in class OperationContext


public String getFunctionName()

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