public class Region
Visual Basic (Declaration)
Public Class Region
Visual C++
public ref class Region

The type exposes the following properties.

Public Properties

Public propertyAttributes
Returns the attributes for this region, which can be used to create a new region with CreateRegion(String, RegionAttributes).
Public propertyCache
Gets the cache for this region.
Public propertyFullPath
Gets the region's full path, which can be used to get this region object with GetRegion(String).
Public propertyIsDestroyed
True if this region has been destroyed.
Public propertyName
Gets the region name.
Public propertyParentRegion
Gets the parent region.
Public propertySize
Get the size of region. For native client regions, this will give the number of entries in the local cache and not on the servers.
Public propertyStatistics
Returns the statistics for this region.

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