GemStone® GemFireTM Enterprise

Java Admin API Programming Example

The systemExplorer example is a command-line application that allows the user to exercise GemFire's com.gemstone.gemfire.admin API. The example is located in the GemFire installation under examples/dist/systemExplorer.

Before running this application, you need to configure your environment according to the instructions provided under the GemFire installation in examples/EnvSetup.html.

Once your environment is set, change to the examples/dist/systemExplorer directory to run the application.

This sample startup line starts the application using all defaults:

       java systemExplorer.SystemExplorer

You may optionally specify a file as an argument to SystemExplorer. It will also automatically pick up any file that you place in the examples/dist/systemExplorer directory. The application will then use the values in the properties file to determine details on the system it will connect to:

       java systemExplorer.SystemExplorer c:\

Another way to specify system details to the application includes the use of -Dpropertyname=value arguments. The following starts the application and specifies connecting to a distributed system using multicast port 10412:

       java -Dgemfire.mcast-port=10412 systemExplorer.SystemExplorer
Full details on properties that can be used to specify connection details are covered in the Javadocs for com.gemstone.gemfire.distributed.DistributedSystem.

Once started, the application allows you to perform many of the administration activities available through the Java API.