GemStone® GemFireTM Enterprise
Programming Examples Documentation

Environment Settings A guide to setting up your environment to run the examples.
Examples Sample GemFire Java applications:
  • cacheOverflow: a program that demonstrates how the logical amount of data stored in a GemFire cache region can exceed the amount of heap space in a Java Virtual Machine.
  • cacheRunner: a program that loads a cache.xml file and interactively runs caching commands
  • clientServerConfigs: provides configuration files for creating a client/server caching system
  • flashcache: a program that retrieves and caches stock quotes
  • healthMonitor: a JMX client application that connects to a GemFire JMX Agent via the RMIConnector defined in JSR 160 to monitor the health of a GemFire Enterprise distributed system.
  • systemExplorer: a command-line application for exercising GemFire's com.gemstone.gemfire.admin API.
  • regionQueue: implements a distributed queue using GemFire cache regions
  • wan: an application that simulates two WAN sites.