GemFire 5.5

Interface CacheServer

All Superinterfaces:
ManagedEntity, SystemMember

public interface CacheServer
extends SystemMember, ManagedEntity

A dedicated cache server VM that is managed by the administration API.


Method Summary
 CacheServerConfig getConfig()
          Returns the configuration of this cache server
Methods inherited from interface com.gemstone.gemfire.admin.SystemMember
getCache, getConfiguration, getDistributedMember, getDistributedSystem, getHost, getHostAddress, getId, getLicense, getLog, getName, getRoles, getStats, getType, getVersion, hasCache, refreshConfig, setConfiguration
Methods inherited from interface com.gemstone.gemfire.admin.ManagedEntity
getLog, isRunning, start, stop, waitToStart, waitToStop

Method Detail


CacheServerConfig getConfig()
Returns the configuration of this cache server

GemFire 5.5

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